At Tailor Cape Town we pride ourselves in our reputation for never turning away a tailoring request and assisting our clients to the absolute best of our ability. We like to think that no challenge is impossible and will strive to assist our clients as far as we possibly can. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have made it possible to attend to your every need because chances are we have mended, reproduced or laundered something just like it.


Clothing alterations & repairs

Tailor Cape Town specialises in personalising, altering, mending and resizing all clothing items. Whether you need a zip replaced, a garment shortened or lengthened, a hole to be darned, buttons that need replacing or clothing to be tapered, we can do it all.

Our experienced tailors will alter your garments with confidence, care and precision according to your specifications and measurements. Our services are not limited to clothing items only and we are happy to perform alterations and repairs on any type of garment.

Dressmaking & specialised CMT

Have you ever seen an item that you just had to have, but perhaps it was out of your price range or no longer on the racks? Tailor Cape Town is able to manufacture any type of garment from scratch.

All you need to show us is:

  • a sample,
  • an image/photo
  • or a pattern

and we can produce your garment according to your exact measurements. Please remember to bring in the material of your preference to save both time and money.

Tailor Cape Town also offers a specialised CMT service whereby we produce bulk quantities of clothing at affordable prices. Using a standard sample, image/photo or pattern, we can create garments in various sizes and styles as required. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Leather & suede

Tailor Cape Town prides itself in being one of the very few tailors who have the expertise, experience and specialist equipment to work with leather, suede and even latex. Our tailors will handle your request with confidence and skill. We will always strive to do our best in assisting our clients with any type of request. We are able to mend, repair and resize just about any kind of leather or suede garment. 

Curtains & cushions

Tailor Cape Town can mend, shorten, lengthen or produce curtains and roller blinds according to your specifications. We are also able to mend, resize or produce cushions of any size and offer services in the mending and manufacturing of all other linen requests such as sheets, tablecloths, etc.

Hotel & restaurant linen

Tailor Cape Town and our experienced staff offer a range of specialised services to hotel and retail clients that include:

  • re-purposing, down-sizing & re-stitching of frayed edges
  • alterations and repairs of all linen types
  • manufacturing of serviettes/napkins, tablecloths, traycloths, etc.
  • manufacturing of uniforms and aprons
  • manufacturing of sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and cushion covers
  • manufacturing of mattress & pillow protectors
  • laundering of all linens – please view the Laundretail link for more information

The above services are also extended to private clients.

Labelling & uniforms

Tailor Cape Townoffers a labelling service whereby we can remove existing labels from garments, re-label garments, tag garments and stitch labels and patches onto all types of garments.

At Tailor Cape Town we are able to manufacture various types of corporate uniforms from scratch, repair and repurpose damaged uniforms, down or up size uniforms and launder soiled uniforms. We are aware that design is critical when it comes to diverse figure types and physiques – our experienced dressmakers make garments to specification for any body type allowing your employees to look and feel professional at all times.


Tailor Cape Town and LaundRetail will treat all your garments with care and respect. All garments are accepted at the client's own risk. Our staff will always strive to provide the best possible result however we will not be held liable for any depreciation, shrinkage, loss or damage of any nature howsoever incurred. Goods not claimed within three months will be sold to defray expenses.

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